“How about a little privacy here? Just because I’m different than most of the squirrels you’ve seen doesn’t give you the reason to gawk! For all you know I was scared white over at that haunted island just off shore. Can’t a squirrel have a little lunch in peace?

Besides, I’ve got a reason to be here. Dave and his little campers are back for another summer’s frolic just below me. I get a kick out of them coming here every summer. It adds a little spice to one’s life if you know what I mean. At any rate, at night I can raid their food supply. One can’t live on nuts all their life you know?

When they’re cooking it nearly drives me crazy. The first night out they had macaroni and noodles and boy that smelled great. I’ve often wondered, though, why humans don’t climb trees as well as my kind? Those little kids do pretty well but Dave couldn’t climb a tree to save his life. Although he’s nearly as big as a tree.

What I really hate is all those sight seerers that view me as being something different. They’d have a hard time seeing me in the winter, I can tell you that. Oh, well, back to my nuts and you can take that camera off me anytime you’d like such as right about NOW!!!”