Not So Little Deer Blind In The Woods

This is a deer blind found in Michigan which very might make a deer blind just to look at it! Quite elaborate wouldn’t you say? Maybe the deer hunters in question make this their fall retreat? Then again, maybe for all other times of the year it serves as their kids tree house?

Maybe an elevator could be installed to really modernize the place.  t sure gives those deer hunters something other to do than to hunt deer while they’re waiting.  Perhaps a round of poker or two?  It looks big enough to warrant a few beds. 

On our property at Big Bass Lake, we also have deer blinds throughout our forest even if it was private land.  Deer hunters don’t seem to respect private land especially in hunting season.  Those found on our property were more of a wooden perch set among the branches and were nothing at all like this. 

This perch would seem to give the hunters an undue advantage over the deer.  With trees barren of leaves one could spot deer from quite a ways off and till get in a poker hand or two before having to shoot their prey. 

It also serves as a great place to escape from any nearby bear!  What will people think of next?  Maybe a swooping glider to reign down terror on deer?  And just pity the poor hunter without all these advantages!

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