Michigan is Theologically Accurate- Hell and Paradise

In Michigan’s lower penisula, the town of Hell is found and it is right next to Battle Creek. There is a sign in Hell that tells you that the only church located there can be found in this small community which should be a conversation piece for members of that body. Then, of course, as Michigan follows the path of biblical accuracy, Paradise is found in the upper penisula.

I would daresay that Paradise is always somewhat oooler than Hell which is another distinction between the two towns. I also believe that there are pesently more people in Paradise over that of Hell. Yet, in Michigan, Hell does freeze over at various times during the year. I have visited each community over the past year and I must say that Paradise has much more to offer over that of Hell. In fact, you might say that you would have a “devil” of a time trying to do much of anything in that hamlet. Of course there would be the conversation about why anyone would have named that town Hell. Maybe the town founder was Lucy Fir?

2 thoughts on “Michigan is Theologically Accurate- Hell and Paradise

  1. Warm regards from the home of Hell Michigan, Livingston County, NO WHERE NEAR Battle Creek by the way. If you look on the official Michigan map you will find it. And on a cold day in Hell, like today, you will find Hell is frozen over. How do you know? Just check out the dam in Hell. For more information go to… (no not Hell) http://www.lccvb.org and check out their link under attractions. And I may be biased, but I think there is just as much to do in Hell as Paradise Michigan. But they do make a decent cheeseburger. Hope to “See YOU in Hell” I mean that in the nicest way.


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