Reflections of a Loon on Haunted Island

You know, for such a small bird I deliver a whopping impact whenever those kids from various boys club visit Haunted Island. All I have to do is open my beak a couple of times at midnight and those boys set new Olympic rowing records getting back to their beach.

I like it best when they first come on the island at Midnight. The Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids stayed so close to their leader he could scarcely breathe. I just let out one of my looney sounds and they hit the dirt faster than lightning. It was a hoot and I’m not even an owl!

When they get near the haunted house I like to be on that second floor and make a few sounds and they get nearly hysterical. A kid by the name of Tim nearly wet his pants. To think that such a little bird can get an impact like that is something else. If you ask me, there were more than a few looney birds on that island that night besides me.

I mean, only a birdbrain could get scared out on that haunted island at midnight! What’s that? Do I ever go out there alone at midnight? Do you think I’m crazy? They may call me a loon but I’m not looney!

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