CMJ Fitting Room

One of the rooms in the Martin Johnson Heritage Museum in Irons, Michigan, is devoted to some of the wearing material that both campers and staff wore such as sweatshirts and jackets that bore the camp’s name. I would suppose that some of these articles of clothing are from various decades of camp?

Perhaps some silk screening could be added to the museum so that sweatshirts and jackets could bear the museum’s name as another source of revenue for the museum.  It would also keep the camp and museum’s name alive as a great source of advertising. 

I know that when I marketed my Joplin Boys Club in this manner my staff and kids became walking billboards in the community and the same could be accomplished at the museum to keep its name alive in the area and perhaps increase tourism there.  On our Museum Page I suggested a chili contest held annually on the grounds of the museum as another revenue generator. 

Perhaps our readers have other ways and means of keeping the camp and museum name alive.  Leave us a comment in that regard.

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