In en earlier picture you saw me holding my pet beagle, Sam. Sam was soon to have company/ One day on my paper route in Wabash a buff colored dog followed me home, He was not warmly accepted at first by my family but as time wore on my dad said that he was our greatest pet. Buff for several months largely lived outside and would not settle for dog food preferring to hunt for his own food. Then he disappeared for nearly a month before returning.

It was at that point that he was allowed entry into our house. He and Sam became fast friends and the three of us would often run in the woods behind the high school in Wabash. One of Buff’s popular things to do was to follow the Wabash High School Marching Band as it practiced on the football field. Every time he heard that band play it was out our door and over to the field.

Sam died by eating poison and my sister got a dog by the name of Wilson. Thus Buff had a new companion. Over the course of time Wilson lost his front leg as we presumed that he had been hit by a car. Nevertheless he could still run just as fast which always amazed me. He often joined me and Buff in the woods behind the high school for exercise.

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