Frozen Big Bass Lake

In the dead of winter only the errie sounds of frigid winds are heard about the lake. This winter has been especially brutal as it has around the country. The ice is some of the thickest ever formed on the lake. There are some days when no one is found on the lake due to the extreme cold made even worse by wind chill readings well below zero.

Yet with Spring just over a month away the ice will soon give way to open water and soon thereafter the sounds of laughter will permeate the lake when swimmers and boaters return to the gentle shores of Big Bass Lake. Cottages will bs swept out and filled with things for the summer. The whole area will resurrect itself with a coat of green grass and leaves that will permeate the countryside. People will return in droves to take in the activities of summer.

But today, those are only warm thoughts on a frigiid day. When will the weather turn for good? Then again, there are also those people who live for the winter on Big Bass Lake and they will hate to see the ice and cold go. What do you think about the seasons of Big Bass Lake?

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