Unlike Big Bass Lake just to its North, Loon Lake has no islands to clutter it up so my excursion about the lake took me in close proximity to its shoreline. I stopped my motor for a few minutes of reflection where the Loon Lake Pavillion once stood. I had been there a few times and remembered the colors shining on the lake and that old theater organ music.

I also remember that slightly warped floor that sent me to the ground several times.  A roller skater I am not.  Darlene was a good skater while I was better at the pin ball games they had there.  I don’t know why that area has not put up another roller rink for the summer crowd? 

Moving on I followed the shoreline past small cabins and even some newer ones.  When back on the northeast side I recalled some sort of camp or resort that was once there quite close in proximity to Na-Tah-Ka Bar and Grill.  At least where it stands today.  I think it was more of a resort than a camp but I don’t remember very well on that point. 

It made me wonder just how many of those area lakes had resorts on them?  Care to tell anyone?