Otto Bartlett, the owner of the Big Bass Lake Store, also owned the Loon Lake Roller Rink which was about a half-mile south of the store.  But before it was a roller rink, it was a dance hall.  And every Saturday and Sunday night there was dancing galore on the same floor that roller skaters would in the future call home, 

Here’s the teaser for this post.  Do any of our readers know who The Lucky Stars were?  They were the musicians who provided live music for the Pavillion in those days.  Were they a local group?  Does anyone know the names of those in the group? 

Even better, are there any that read our website that danced at the Pavillion in those days?  I have a hunch that Dixie Bartlett was somewhere in the mix at that location.  These questions are liable to take you way back and test your memory.  The dance floor is open for comments on this subject.  How about taking a whirl at them?