What a Day for a Picnic!

Sometimes my wife gets unusual ideas. Just a few weekends ago she suggested a picnic in the middle of the winter. So we packed our car and went into the Manistee National Forest and found a picnic table set out in a remote site. With snowboots and parkas we took ourselves and our two huskie dogs to that picnic table and set out to have a picnic lunch admidst the blowing snow.

Needless to say, we were the only ones present so we didn’t have trouble getting a free table. The snow was almost up to the seats and so it wasn’t too hard to sit down. We had sandwiches and a thermos of HOT coffee and boy did that coffee taste good. For dessert, you see my wife has a sense of humor, we had her blizzard cake, as if we needed any more of that!

After lunch we took a brief hike- Back to our warm car and then departed. I just hope that she doesn’t get any more of those urges for deep winter picnics.

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