The Loon Lake Roller Rink

Loon Lake Roller Rink

This IS the Loon Lake Roller Rink thanks to the Bartlett family which forwarded us three pictures of the area. . It used to be the “social hub” of vacationers in and around Big Bass Lake. The music was of the old theatre organ type and open ports were found throughout the rink. My sisters and mothers looked forward to our times there as that was usually the highlight of our trip to the farm for them. I could take it or leave it.

They had that old fashioned ice cream, kind of like the type Dairy Queen puts out today. They also had an old air hockey game table as I recall. The rink was just across from Loon Lake. As time went on the floor became slightly warped giving roller skating an all new twist.

At times they had specialty numbers there where only girls or boys could skate and at times even couples. With not much else to do around that area at night most people wound up there.

The rink doesn’t exist anymore sad to say. It was owned by Otto Bartlett who also owned the Big Bass Lake store. At one time before the roller rink it was a dance hall. If only those one time walls could talk.

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