Loon Lake Aerial

This month, the focus will be on the Loon Lake Roller Rink however I will not be posting every day as this is a rather small category.

From the Club 37 Restaurant, just off Michigan 37, it’s about 15 miles to Loon Lake and another mile to Big Bass Lake. At the southwest corner of this aerial photograph is the turn off onto Big Bass Lake Road as one ventures northward along the west side of Loon Lake.

About halfway to Big Bass Lake was the old Loon Lake Pavillion or the roller rink as most of us knew it. Loon Lake was in full view of the rink with the shutters open as the colors and sounds of the roller rink reflected off Loon Lake nightly in the summer season. At one time this rink was used for dancing and it was owned by the same man that owned the Big Bass Lake Store, Otto Bartlett.

His daughter, Dixie, was an excellent roller skater in her own right. Past the rink the road has a few twists and turns before going up a small hill looking smack dab at Big Bass Lake straight ahead. Before arriving at the lake, on the right is the Na-Tah-Ka Bar and Grill.

As for Loon Lake, I often heard of its fishing lore but not much about how good swimming was there. What say you?

One thought on “Loon Lake Aerial

  1. I remeber the rink . We us to go there when the family came up to our cabin on big bass . Those where the day.


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