Have you ever heard of the metropolis of Bitley, Michigan? Well, if you stay on M-37 south of Baldwin you will have that experience. Now Bitely is a little hard to explain because by the time you might blink your eyes twice you’d be through it. At least the part you’d get to see on the highway.

Now, I’m sure there’s more to Bitely than that but I’ve never seen fit to leave M-37 to check it out.  Some say a famous outhouse race is held there and I’m sure that would be a sight especially if there were some people still in them!  Perhaps there’s a few people in our readership that might care to enlighten us more on Bitely?

Someone told me that the famous opera singer, Karen McKay, once lived there.  McKay was said to have a voice that could shatter glass at a hundred paces.  Maybe to warm up to that career she once called out to hogs>  That would sure be good voice training.

Well, at least you know how to get to Bitely if you’re traveling south from Baldwin on M-37.  Then again, maybe you’d just prefer to blink your eyes twice?