Bonepickers Evidence Revealed!

Some said that Greg had a fertile imagination but on one trip to the Haunted Island with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club, we were about to find out just how fertile that imagination was. After a brief story around the Haunted House we moved to the burial mounds for a tale about the Bonepicker’s. Greg sat off to himself a bit farther away from the other boys. He glanced over his shoulder and here is what he says he saw.

He saw a Bonepicker above the earth in a somewhat praying position. He turned away sharply and a few minutes later looked again and saw nothing. He interrupted my story to tell what he saw. The rest of us moved over to where he had said he saw the Bonepicker. But the only thing we saw was freshly unearthed dirt as if something had recently burrowed itself into the ground.

At that point the boys suggested we return to our camping site immediately but as we began to move out one boy stepped on a branch which cracked it loudly and everybody hit the ground. Back at the campsite the boys found out more in detail what Greg said he saw.

Did Greg witness an actual Bonepicker or was it all in his imagination? One thing is certain and that is where he saw his vision the earth had been recently burrowed. Was it a mole or something much larger? Had Greg really seen a bonifide Bonepicker?

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