Tracking Red Eye to It’s Lair by Bob Hamilton

This picture is what I observed in an earthen cave about five miles west of Beartrack. I had tracked Red Eye to its lair and what I saw left me speechless but more on that later. I was determined to find the hiding place of this creature that so many at Camp Martin Johnson had made mention about. Was it truly mythical or was it real? I found large and bizarre looking tracks about a mile west of Beartrack one morning as I had been searching that same area for over three hours. I began following them and they led me back to the same place I had started from. It was then that I realized I had been following my own footprints!

I began my search anew and then landed upon some tracks that I had never seen before. I had begun in this area after hearing rumors of some having seen some probing red eyes in the darkness earlier that year. The ones that saw those eyes had no desire to go after it but that was their loss. Just imagine how famous one could become if they found proof of the legendary Red Eye.

I had sought out the help of my friend Nick Horner but he was too busy in Farmersville to help me out. Nick goes in more for computer games than real life adventures. So without his help I was still determined to find Red Eye.

This time I slowly followed its trail to an earthen cave. To say that I was nervous was an understatement as beads of perspiration nearly blinded my eyes. I pulled out my bowie knife and entered the darkness. About thirty yards in I noticed what you can observe for yourself above. But then I saw it. Those flashing red eyes almost caused me to run out of that darkness as fast as I could. Yet the reality that I had cornered this creature made me change my mind. I thought of how best to kill it. But then I saw even more red. Beads of red tears poured from its eyes. I had compassion on this beast and backed out of the earthen cave slowly.

Red Eye apparently had some degree of feeling and how could I kill such a creature even for fame and glory. No, the legend of Red Eye must continue into perpetuity. At least I had seen it for myself. Besides there was an equal if not better chance of it killing me. From now the only Red Eye I want to see is the liquid kind. Nevertheless Red Eye does exist and that is a certainty.

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