Manistee Forest Creature by Bob Hamilton

Several months ago I was camping in the Manistee Forest just north of Grand Rapids. As I ate my supper of beans I became aware of a growing pain in my gut. Soon I was withering on the ground in agony. And instead of getting the usual reaction to beans, my body was being torn asunder. I must have lost consciousness for a moment.

When I came to myself, I seemed quite different in feeling.  As I got to my feet I sensed an inner strength in me that I had never known before.  I moved to my truck and glanced into the windshield which caught my reflection.  Somehow those beans had transformed me into a hideous creature.  I can’t explain how but I sure hope they don’t market those beans to anyone else.

I found myself being able to uproot trees.  I literally roared and could not believe the sound coming from my lungs.  It was fearful to say the least, even to me.  What had I become?  How could I ever return to my job?  And how would my girl friend react to me?  How would she react to this new animal nature of mine?   I roared again in complete agony over my situation.

Thoughts entered my mind about men hunting me down for a trophy for their wall.  Worse still they may take me alive and make me a part of a freak show.  Just then another man emerged from the darkness and beheld me.  He literally screamed and ran as fast as he could away from me and I knew then that this was the start of a manhunt for me.

Just then my body was again wracked with horrific pain and I fell to the ground.  Again I lost consciousness.  This time, when I recovered, I was my old self again.  I took my supply of those beans and buried them in the woods.  No one should have to go through what I had experienced that night. 

Then I thought of that man who  I scared.  Who would believe his story without proof.  It would be he that would be charged with being some sort of crackpot. I can’t say for sure that this all wasn’t some sort of hideous dream but then there were those two trees that I ripped from the ground and they were still torn from the earth before me.  So what did happen to me that night? 

By the way,  I managed to draw a map of where I had buried those beans just in case I might need them again.  You just never know about those things.

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