Bigfoot Spotted in Manistee National Forest- Part Two by Nick Horner

The first rays of sunshine hit me directly in the face as I continued to pursue Bigfoot further away from my campsite and into the heart of theManisteeNational Forest.  My right hand clutched my bowie-knife tightly not knowing when it might be put to use.  And the stench of that creature still permeated my nostrils making them near red hot with pain.  Just then, I thought I caught another glimpse of him among the trees.  It had a dark gray shaggy coat of fur and I could swear I saw patches of it littered throughout the forest.

I kept asking myself why I was pursuing such a large creature by myself.  It was almost as if I were possessed.  I had to confront that beast.  I knew now that it wasn’t my friend Bob for even he couldn’t smell that bad.  I was on the trail of the real Bigfoot and if I caught up to him, I’d either be famous or dead.  But who would ever find me this far from my campsite?  I’m glad I had the foresight to bring my compass with me so that I could find my way back. 

Just then something swung me around as I had been lost in my thoughts and was not thinking clearly at the time.  I came face to snout with Bigfoot.  My legs wanted to run but were frozen in place.  Yet his aroma nearly knocked me from my feet.  “Please don’t kill me”, I sobbed thinking for the first time how foolish I had been to pursue him by myself.  His eyes nearly burned into me and he swung his arm knocking my knife out of my hand.  This was the end I thought.  He then growled saying, “Ok!” and ambled off into the forest.

Just then I awoke in a cold sweat but not back at my campsite.  I was in my bedroom and my son, Luke, was towering over me.  “Dad, you were watching Harry and the Henderson’s again”.  That couldn’t be it as that stench was still all about me.  Just then my wife passed me shouting, “Nick!  Shower!  Now!”  I sheepishly grinned now knowing the origin of that aroma saying, “Ok!”

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