Bigfoot Spotted in Manistee National Forest- Part One by Nick Horner

I was taking a holiday in the Manistee National Forest last summer when I became aware of a presence watching me.  Armed only with a bowie-knife I held it tight at my side.  The stench permeated my nostrils to the near point of madness.  Then suddenly it seemingly vanished as if I were alone again. 

I rose and began stalking what was only moments ago sizing me up.  The aroma left behind reminded me of an acquaintance Bob Hamilton.  The tracks the creature left were about his size and weight.  As I glanced up I thought I saw something near a tree.  It also appeared like Bob but more hairy in nature.  Still that aroma was most familiar.

For a time I followed his trail more by his droppings than anything else.  I must have been on the right track because the droppings were smaller than Bob’s.   Much smaller!   Could this really be Bob in some sort of costume?  The companions were staggering to say the least.  Yet his gait was far more distance than Bob could adequately cover. 

When I spotted him among the trees fear gripped me like never before.  If it had been Bob, my food supply would last only a few hours.  I do recall how he could put food away.  However, if this really was Bigfoot what would I do?  And what sane person would be even trailing him by themselves armed only with a bowie-knife?

I must have walked four miles before I engaged this creature again and that I shall detail in my next report on the morrow. 

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