Spirit of the Wood’s Ghost Cloud

The boys from the Salesian Boys Club spotted this cloud while on a hike just off of our property near Beartrack. Mike Myers dubbed it “The Ghost Cloud” because it seemed to have a life all its own. At first it appeared like a fog bank but then lifted itself skyward.  It then hovered over these few trees for nearly a half hour.  But the way it did all this was so mysterious and spooky that the boys couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Even I was dumbstruck over this event.  I had never seen a cloud operate like that.  Perhaps Mike was right in calling it a ghost cloud.  And seen we were within the boundaries of the Manistee National Forest, which means Spirit of the Woods, perhaps we actually witnessed that “spirit” in operation.  It sure didn’t function like any cloud I had ever seen.

Then after thirty minutes or so the cloud just seemed to evaporate into nothingness.  All the way back to our property that was the subject of conversation by all the boys combined.  Perhaps we had all been present for that spirit of the woods to manifest itself to us?  And, I have never seen its like again on any other trip to our property. 

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