So interested was I as to why Loon Lake’s shoreline was receding that I commissioned the services of the Ed Hawk’s Oceanology Diving Bell to get to the literal bottom of the issue.  It was no easy task to be sure.  First off, I had a heck of a time fitting into that bell in the first place.  But five men, pushing and shoving, finally got me in,  I wondered,though, how I would get out since I was the only one going down into the depths of Loon Lake?

When I peered out the porthole of the diving bell, I first thought I had seen Nick Horner scuba diving.  Soon thereafter I discovered this creature and for something that size to exist he must drink a heck of a lot of water.  I was jut hoping he would not perceive my bell to be some sort of pill for him to swallow as well.

Then I discovered that it was only an old girl friend of mine covered with seaweed to give me the scare of my life. O’le Sharon was always so bug-eyed about me in those days. And she must have thought me to be a pill now. Anyway the mystery of Loon Lake’s shoreline recession is now solved.

Next I might tackle the Loch Ness Monster legend but ifyou want me to ferret out a monster write me at Bob Hamilton, Monster Hunter, 6201 Gregory Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241..