Loon Lake’s Shoreline Recession Solved by Bob Hamilton

So interested was I as to why Loon Lake’s shoreline was receding that I commissioned the services of the Ed Hawk’s Oceanology Diving Bell to get to the literal bottom of the issue.  It was no easy task to be sure.  First off, I had a heck of a time fitting into that bell in the first place.  But five men, pushing and shoving, finally got me in,  I wondered,though, how I would get out since I was the only one going down into the depths of Loon Lake?

When I peered out the porthole of the diving bell, I first thought I had seen Nick Horner scuba diving.  Soon thereafter I discovered this creature and for something that size to exist he must drink a heck of a lot of water.  I was jut hoping he would not perceive my bell to be some sort of pill for him to swallow as well.

Then I discovered that it was only an old girl friend of mine covered with seaweed to give me the scare of my life. O’le Sharon was always so bug-eyed about me in those days. And she must have thought me to be a pill now. Anyway the mystery of Loon Lake’s shoreline recession is now solved.

Next I might tackle the Loch Ness Monster legend but ifyou want me to ferret out a monster write me at Bob Hamilton, Monster Hunter, 6201 Gregory Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46241..

5 thoughts on “Loon Lake’s Shoreline Recession Solved by Bob Hamilton

  1. Being a native Loon Lake resident, I guess I missed something… or is this a joke? Look Lake is spring fed, or was since at least 1955. I could stand on the springs and feel the cold water rising through the sand and/or gravel. So if the water is receding and this wasn’t a joke, please enlighten me? Our cottage was located where we could either walk halfway down the bank, leaving us a problem putting the dock in, or the water was so low, lack of snow, that we didn’t have enough dock to reach much more than 2 feet of water.


  2. Hi Dave, What’s happening with this site? When I first discovered it I sat for hours reading and remembering wonderful time and great people. Now I’m seeing a bunch of “fictional” stuff that takes the love and lore out of Big Bass and Loon Lakes, the pavilion and roller rink, and loved ones from so many years ago. I hope we don’t lose that. I sent a photo of Otto, Ruth, Dixie, Bruce, his wife and Neil Bartlett. Haven’t seen it posted, perhaps I sent it wrong. I guess those memories and things are what made this, your site, so magical. If you didn’t get the photo and would like it, let me know. I’ll try to post it again


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