Had a Bonepicker Invaded Our Camp?

Yesterday I spoke of the “haunting spirit” that draped itself over our camp site on our property on Big Bass Lake. Well it was heightened the night after our journey to the Haunted Island and House not to mention hearing of the Bonepicker’s. So after a short hike the following evening, we returned to camp for a campfire with the Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids.

As we were roasting some marshmallows, one of the boys glanced behind him and down the shoreline a bit and horror came to his eyes as he beheld what he thought was a Bonepicker coming ashore. He related that to the other kids and they thought he was crazy until another youngster said he saw the same thing. Then everyone else wasn’t too sure and they huddled closer to the fire.

I told the kids that I had never heard of Bonepickers leaving that island much less raiding a campsite. Yet Billy insisted that he saw one not twenty yards away. So by myself, I walked down the shoreline until I saw what Billy had thought he had seen. I beckoned the kids forward twice for the first time they were rather unwilling. But as they approached what Billy had seen they all broke into laughter. It was a series of branches that resembled a creature but it was nothing else whatsoever.

All of what Billy saw was a combination of the previous nights adventure added to a little imagination on his part. Yet for a moment all the boys felt that same haunting spirit that so envelops our campsite especially when night falls on the area. For some reason that same spirit never affected the kids in the daylight hours. I suppose there is something to be said for our journeys to the Haunted Island which stood before them each and every night of our trip in full view of their eyes.

Yet each trip, on the way home, you’d think that the Haunted Island was nothing what with all the bravado going on about it. You’d think that they never even knew the meaning of the word scared at that time. That is, until the next camping trip to our property and then that same haunting spirit seemed to return. Hmm?

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