The Creature of Shanty Falls

I once heard about some Civil War ghost that was said to haunt Shanty Falls but never put much store in that legend. But what about the Creature of Shanty Falls? Just to the east of Shanty Falls is nearly a mile solid of granite walls with many caves within them that could serve as dens for this creature.

I first heard of it when on a trip there with the Marion YMCA boys.  A local resident was back their fishing and told our boys about this beast.  He noted that it only came out at night to feast on what it could catch.  And, with all my trips to Shanty Falls never had one been at night.  Yet in searching that granite wall area our kids did observe several caves both on the ground level and even higher up in the cliffs. 

We never ventured into the caves for safety reasons.  The majority of them would have had to be crawled into however the higher caves looked like one could walk upright into those.  Some of the caves had a pungent odor to them, even worse than that of a skunk.  Could it have been the odor of that creature? 

The fisherman described the Creature as being similar to an upright wolf walking on two paws.  He said that twice he had heard it baying at night when fishing above the falls but never even thought of checking it out.  He said the cry was blood curdling.  Fact or legend?  I suppose the only way to really check it out would be to night camp at or near the falls to find out. 

Any takers?

2 thoughts on “The Creature of Shanty Falls

  1. Great to finally find some information on Shanty Falls. I am originally from Marion and found a random reference to Shanty Falls from a 1960’s US Geological Survey Convention program. I have always wanted to trek up there to take a look and think I will after viewing your site.

    Do you just park at the back of the cemetery and walk there? I don’t want to offend any private property owners.


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