Night Monsters in Big Bass Lake

First night imagination was great on any camping trip and with the Marion Boys Club it was no exception. The imagination starts to flare up after the evening campfire as the embers provide little light. Now and then the boys would hear sounds coming from Big Bass Lake that they could not identify. Add to that, the evening campfire spoke of a monster lurking beneath the darkness of the waters.

Then every sound the boys heard was amplified according to each of their vivid imaginations.  Calvin Little heard what he thought was a splash in the water so he headed right for his tent.  One boy was sitting on the portable potty and a nut fell on his head and he thought the sky was falling. 

Then there was Kenny Huffman who thought he saw something surfacing out in Big Bass Lake while he was soaking his feet in the lake.  He quickly withdrew to his tent.  I often wondered how the boys could think that a canvas tent would protect them from their imagined monsters?  Even the croak of a frog sent boys scattering in every direction in the thick darkness. 

Of course, when offered, no one wanted to go rowing that evening.  I sometimes wondered what those frogs, squirrels, and other living creatures thought about how those great big boys were so frightened by them?  I think I know now what creature comforts means.  Or to be a boy again with all that imagination!

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