Myers and The Bonepickers

On a trip to the Haunted Island with the Salesian Boys Club, after we visited the Haunted House, we came upon the area where the Bonepickers were buried.  Mike Myers went a little away from the rest of the group and all of a sudden we heard him scream.  We ran to him and found him badly shaken.  He said that he saw an actual Bonepicker. 

 Immediately we fanned out in all directions but could not locate anything even close to resembling what Mike told us.  The other kids thought he was putting us on to add even more to the scared affect they were already feeling about the Haunted House.  But then Mike pointed to the ground and we beheld what you see below.  It was almost as if Mike’s image was burned into the ground after seeing what he thought he had.  Even though none of us saw a Bonepicker that night we couldn’t dismiss that image. 

 So what DID Mike really see that night?  Needless to say, the kids didn’t need any prompting to return to our wooded beachfront that night.  Perhaps what Mike saw was a figment of his own imagination.  Or perhaps not??

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