Night of the Michigan Dogman Attack

The Hoffman Estates Boys Club kids were just past the tree farm down the Bloody Antler Trail when they heard a blood curdling growl. In the tree farm behind us we saw a figure running across the meadow. It appeared to be a human body but with a grotesque head. I had heard tell of the stories of the Michigan Dogman and perhaps that is what we were all seeing.

He suddenly stopped in his tracks and glared at us even though we were about seventy yards away. He looked skyward and screamed in agony sending the boys close around me. Then he came forth in almost a charge. Before we knew it, he was in front of us. A strange dog like head was what we took in and two older boys picked up a large branch to hold it off. But he shook those branches aside as if they were toothpicks.

I moved forward to protect the boys and the thing shoved me to the ground as if I were nothing. Before I knew it shirts were being torn ascender and screams filled the air. I grabbed the creature from behind and he shook me loose in no time flat and set upon the older boys again. By now it was evident that we had encountered the Dogman as his head was very visible to us. It acted as if it were insane.

The creature ignored the smaller boys and continued his assault on both me and the two older boys. One boy he flung ten feet through the air and the smaller kids went to his side to assist and protect him. Throughout the attack the Dogman shrieked that blood curdling howl as if it were wounded.

After about ten minutes, which seemed like an hour, it moved off without giving us any more due attention. The next thing I knew I was getting myself off the ground from my tent in full perspiration. What a nightmare that was! It made me ponder if the legend of the Dogman was real or not. But for that dream it was more than real. It was a terrifying nightmare!

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