Night of the Monster at Big Bass Lake

After a rather spooky outing to the Haunted Island that night, the Marion Boys Club kids returned to our wooded beachfront for a campfire of ghost stories.  The boys wanted to know how that island came to be made known as haunted (you can find that story on another post at BBL and Beyond under the category Haunted Island).  As I began that story, all of a sudden the boys heard two large splashes about forty yards out into Big Bass Lake.

They huddled together as I informed them that the monster of Big Bass Lake might be making known his existence to them.  Kenny Huffman, who had already been really scared at the Haunted Island, drew so close to me that I could hardly breathe.  And he was the only kid over sixteen on this trip! 

I told the boys how the monster makes his appearances only on the darkest night as he comes up for a cupful of air and anything else he can gulp down.  Andy Freshwater’s eyes got really big at that time.  Just then the boys heard another splash even closer in to shore.  He must smell us, I suggested, to which the kids headed directly to their tents.  By the way, it wasn’t fish making those splashes either but rather Dale, another supervisor on the trip.  He used a few large rocks when he was supposed to be using the latrine to scare the kids. 

We could both hear the boys letting their imaginations run loose within their two tents as they began guessing just what kind of monster they were hiding from?  So, who knows what is really lurking in the dark and gloomy depths of Big Bass Lake at night?

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