Errie Big Bass Lake on the Night of the Monster

I suppose just about any lake can be rather spooky at night but even more so Big Bass Lake when the “Monster” story is told over an evening campfire. What eerie creature lurks in the depths of Big Bass Lake appearing only in the dead of night? I told our campers it must have been seen several times by the kids of Camp Martin Johnson over the years but have yet to have a confirmation on that.

Just what does that creature look like? No one really knows for certain. An old fisherman on the lake stopped by our campsite when we were there on a trip with the Marion Boys Club and related that he was on the lake just after midnight when the water began to churn below his boat. He related that the disturbance nearly sank his boat. He did not stick around for a face to face meeting but headed to shore faster than a speeding bullet. The boys were riveted to his every word.

As he turned to return to his boat after that tale, he dared any of the boys to head out onto that lake with him to the very spot where he had once located the creature.  To his dismay not one of the boys took him up on that challenge.  The next day, the boys wanted to row out to where the old man claimed to have seen the monster which was just to the north of Haunted Island (where else?).  In his tale, he claimed of spotting a few rowboats sunk at that location but the boys could never find evidence of that. 

Still, none of those kids desired to head out to that location at night.  On tha trip, the old man’s story even outweighed the Haunted Island for dread of night.  Who knows what evil lurks beneath the surface of Big Bass Lake?

One thought on “Errie Big Bass Lake on the Night of the Monster

  1. I remember getting scared a lot in Michigan especially at the Haunted Island. Even that graveyard was spooky.


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