The Hoffman Estates Boys Club was the only club at our property that ever heard the story of the “Bonepickers” while visiting the Haunted Island. Just for a change of pace, we had taken the opportunity to view the mounds just north of the Haunted House on this particular trip. However we did so from afar. Then I gathered the boys close to the Haunted House and told them the story of the bonepickers.

Some curious teens once visited the island by boat at the stoke of midnight. It was said they never returned. Legend had it that as they were walking around the mounds, several bony hands reached up from the ground and grabbed their ankles pulling them beneath the ground until there was no sound but the rustling of the wind. I asked the boys how they might have reacted and observed some petrified faces.

I then asked the kids if they would like the opportunity to put that legend to the test and suggested we also walk about the mounds.  One of the kids blurted out, “Forget you, Dave!”  That seemed to be the answer from all of them so we took one last glance at those mounds and then the kids headed back to the boat at the rickety pier for a return trip back to our wooded beachfront with no regrets whatsoever.