Rowing into the Sunset on Big Bass Lake

Whenever I rowboat on Big Bass Lake I am fascinated by the tiny whirlpools that the oar causes as it dips into the lake. Their existence is but for a moment and then they are gone only to be replaced by more. With that said, welcome to 2013 to all our readers. This month our daily post will be on the category Legends and Monsters. Plus there will be a few NEW surprises as well.

Now I wouldn’t recommend rowing on the lake at this time of year as perhaps a snowmobile would make for a better vehicle of choice. Yet rowboating does have its bright points in the summer and even better in spring and fall when high-powered boats are not in the mix. Hot cross buns can occur if your metal seat is not cooled off first with lake water. Rowboating is good for your back, shoulders, and arms as you can get in some really good exercise.

Again, welcome to 2013 and enjoy not only our classic repeats but also our new posts from time to time.

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