Memories of Our Land and Big Bass Lake

Well, we’ve written over 1,350 posts over the past four years but now all of us are out of ammunition. There are just no more stories to tell so at this junction point in time, this will be the last post at Big Bass Lake and Beyond as the website moves into eternity on the Internet.

My grandparents purchased our family farm and forest in 1914 and it was sold by my Aunt Beth in 2002. Most of my memories come from the years 1950-1996. In that time many Boys Clubs of America trips were held there and even a few Marion YMCA trips. I utilized our wooded beachfront and entire forest for the kids. In all our property was 256 acres. And, I made full use of the Haunted Island on each trips with midnight excursions there.

I have vague memories of my grandfather but many great ones of my grandmother, Barbara Noreika. I remember cows being there one summer and chickens for the majority of the 1950’s. Prior to that pigs and horses were also kept on the farm.

All those stories can be found here on Big Bass Lake and Beyond with much, much more. But now it’s time to say good-bye to all our company! Thanks for all your comments and suggestions and thanks also for our guest writers. Big Bass Lake forever!

11 thoughts on “Memories of Our Land and Big Bass Lake

  1. It is too bad that you are done posting. I live in Florida now and this site has helped me curb my homesickness. We have a place on the Sauble River across the street from the sauble lakes. I hope you occasionally post when new interesting topics come up.


  2. Thank you for keeping this going. As a couple others have said, you help us get through a LOT of the homesickness of those times of the past… these days can never be again, but what wonderful memories … and I’m going to guess since I spent over 50 years in that area, that several people who are responding I’ve known at least part of those 50 years. Thank you Dave, and a safe and Merry Christmas you, yours, and all.


  3. I’m 150 miles from these good memories, but what memories you and others have provided. I’ve signed in so I get the updates, and will throw something in when I can. Again, Thank You!


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