Ward Hills Warming Station?

Well, this is quite a house only it isn’t quite a house. At the former Ward Hills Lodge it was a warming station. Tall people would dearly enjoy the center portion of this building but only the center portion. Everywhere else it would be fit for a gnome. As to what you were warming yourself about, it couldn’t have been used for skiing for that ended at Ward Hills long ago. I think it was to be used for sledding.

The Ward Hills Lodge only lasted for a couple of years despite all the hard work they put in updating that facility. They worked not only on the Lodge but the landscape as well with the Warming Station part of their plans. Obviously it was located atop on of the hills at Ward Hills. It would seem that sledding didn’t pack the punch the owners thought it would as the Lodge went downhill fast.

This will be my last article at BBL and Beyond and it will be my 200th post. As my wife said a few days ago, she and I will be returning to the Internet in about a year writing on some new things quite different from what you have found here. It has been pure joy to write about the things I have concerning the Manistee National Forest and all that is found therein. Happy camping all!

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