The Open Spaces in The Manistee National Forest

What many people do not know is about how many of these open fields exist within the confines of the Manistee National Forest. Between Bitley and Baldwin, on M-37, is about a mile of this sort of field on both sides of the highway.  They provide the ardent hiker with a break, of sorts, of hiking in the forest.

I love them because you never know when a bird will take flight.  You might even walk into a marsh where the field looks dry.  The flowers in these areas are fantastic to observe.  And for bird watchers this is their paradise.  Some of these open areas are found among the many rivers of this forest. 

This will be my last article at BBL and Beyond and number 132 in all.  Mike and I have chosen to take a year off and then return to the Internet in a yet unknown venue.  I have enjoyed providing you with wonderous photographs over these last several years and wish you all the best in the future.  Mike’s last post will be in a couple od days.  But all our articles will remain forever on this website.  Enjoy!

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