The Old Bus Overlooking Our Dock

As a young boy, I never got on a school bus until 8th grade. That is, one with wheels. As a seven and eight year old boy I did get on a school bus at our family farm overlooking Big Bass Lake. Just to the left of the path that led down a hill to our docking area was an old school bus. How it got there I never knew but it was fully functional for a kid my age as the swivel doors could open and shut.

The downside was that this bus had no tires. And it stood in place for two summers and then mysteriously vanished. But for those two summers my older sister and I had a field day playing on that old bus. We would drive it all over Michigan and let on our passengers every few miles. And what a view of Big Bass Lake our passengers had.

My grandmother never told me what happened to that bus when I arrived at the farm as a nine year old boy. Yet I wasn’t all that disappointed as I found new things to stimulate me that summer like feeding the chickens and climbing the hay stacks to the top of the barn. Even so I often wondered what happened to that old school bus. Who wound up with it next and what fun might they be having with it? Maybe it found its way to your property?

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