The Only Time My Sister Was Taller Than Me

Now being six foot ten inches, this was the only picture that I can recall where my sister was taller than me. Yes, this little towheaded little boy has now stretched himself out to be me. The tree in the background can be seen elsewhere on our photo page and it appears as if it were not even a day older. Trees are like that, you know. They don’t show age as our human bodies do.

In height I passed the majority of my family by the seventh grade. By the time I left for college, I was at my full growth. It is widely reported that our family milk man cried when I went away because he lost half his business at our house. Yes, milk DOES do the body good.

I can’t remember myself at this height much but I do remember meeting my grandfather at this one and only time when I was that small.  Even though I couldn’t understand him much, as he spoke broken English accented by heavy Lithuanian, I know he loved me as the smile on his face was more than showing. 

Maybe I should have remembered more at this age but unfortunately that is not the case.  At least this memory is fresh.

One thought on “The Only Time My Sister Was Taller Than Me

  1. How Blessed you are to be so tall!..Could that be a factor as to why your Love for your Father God is so HUGE!….I don’t know that one could carry SO,SO much wisdom in a lesser height.(joke)…Could it be that is also why your compassion for people is ENORMOUS?…Also as it E L Hutton?…..that when you speak people LISTEN?…The WISDOM that you have from the Father,….the GREAT discernment that you have from the Holy Spirit…the ENORMOUS Love that you have for Jesus….it has SO much place to go!..And SO much room to GROW!…And since you have SO much ROOM for it….how Blessed we are who know you,David, and also those that don’t ,but read your material….we are the recipients of the GIANT WEALTH of kindness and compassion,for I have been a recipient…the earnest desire you have for people to know CHRIST..your UN-RELENTING quest for TRUTH…..and ALL of which overflows onto we,the ‘hungry’ that long to know more..And you direct us…God knew what He was doing…He NEVER makes a mistake.He’s filled your 6ft10inch body with Himself…wow…you are indeed a very Blessed tall man..your cup ‘overfloweth’ also encourage us to STRETCH our faith…I did read some of Psalms 119 last night as you suggested and am going back for more…read so much of ‘Revive Me Lord'(which is EXACTLY what I need)..until I fell asleep.Bible in hand..I’m STRETCHING!..Thank you my tall friend..Dianna


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