Style Contrasts on Big Bass Lake

Here is what I call a comfortable cottage on Big Bass Lake which was quite similar in style to what our cottage was like. This is a place where you can get-a-way from the city and yet still be comfortable. These cottages have bedrooms, living rooms, bathroom, and kitchen. Our cottage had a large kitchen, basement, laundry room, living room, bathroom, and three bedrooms. It also had a deck on the side.

These cottages used to dominate Big Bass Lake but ever since Camp Martin Johnson was sold in the late 1970’s, huge mansions are taking over. Now Big Bass Lake is looking like its own city and one has to wonder if it will ever incorporate into just that.

As you examine this home, you can find a carefully manicured lawn and spacious living quarters along with several areas to dock boats. These are cropping up all over the lake and one day soon may domiinate the lake as the trend seems to be changing from the simple life to this.

Maybe soon, we will have a Big Bass Lake, Michigan, city with its downtown in the Na-Tah-Ka area.

5 thoughts on “Style Contrasts on Big Bass Lake

  1. Something that concerns me more than the house is the number of boats and docks you see there. I count three decent size motor boats and three docks. The lake is busy enough as it is and most communities are enacting zoning ordinances to limit the numbers of boats and docks that can be present at one property. Too many boats combined with a number of failing septic systems on the lake and it’s not such a nice place to be any more.
    One silver liner in this depressed economy is many of those large “starter castles” are going up for sale. I think people are starting to realized that more is not always better.


  2. If you use this search engine you will find two at $600,000 and one at $500,000. Be sure to click on some of the pictures. Pretty amazing when you consider all there is to do up there outside. Free country though.


  3. It is a little overwhelming when you look at the surface area of BBL and than you add in the public boat landing and traffic can get crazy. The North end of the lake and the North east side cottage owners are trying to keep it original. Hopefully if and when the properties change hands the new owners will honor the lake and keep it simple. We love the old cottage and are working hard to restore ours. It truly is getting away and enjoying a simple life with board games and campfires!!


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