Is The Ramsdell Theatre Haunted?

This is the Ramsdell Theatre in Manistee, Michigan. The word Manistee means “spirit of the woods” and I often times have wondered if that “spirit” at times occupies this theatre as an unpaying guest. Granted, many fine civic productions have taken place here but I’m talking about what occurs after hours.

Doors open and close without human help and light fixtures fall to the ground on the stage area and throughout the theater. Some have reported that there is a distinct image of the founder T.J. Ramsdell, floating in the air near the balcony seats. Spirit of the woods or could it be the spirit of Ramsdell himself?

Maybe the Ramsdell Theatre should install one of those old theatre organs so the proper spooky music could be played at those times? Hey, I wonder if Ramsdell himself played the organ? Hmmm?

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