How The ULBC Bus Saved The Day

I once worked for the Hoffman Estates Boys Club in Illinois that almost relied solely on their tackle football program over all else at that particular facility. I had made contact with the Executive Director of the Union League Boys Club of Chicago who had then put me in touch with his Camping Director, Al Mackin. We hit it off right from the start and he arranged to have his big white bus pick us up the following Friday evening to take our kids to the same camp I once worked at many years before.

It was starting to get dark that Friday evening and football practice was about to break up. Just then around the corner about a block away appeared the big white bus which immediately caught the eye of all the football teams in practice. Up until that time the footbal kids thought theirs was the only real program at that boys club but they were about to find out otherwise.

As the bus pulled up to the boys club and the regular club kids began boarding it the football players began mulling around that area asking what was going on. I explained that we were heading for the Wisconsin camp for a weekned outing. Immediately they seemed impressed with that kind of program to which I responded saying that there was now a lot more to do than just football and the next month several football kids had also signed up for a camp weekend.

Yes, Al Mackin and his big white bus had seemed to revive my club program in far more ways than one. Sadly, Al passed away a few years ago and I miss him as my friend as we had kept in touch with each other since the days each of us left our respective clubs.

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