On the way to Baldwin, Michigan, a few miles south of Wolf Lake, is a gigantic hill where you can observe a dirt road in the distance weaving its way through the Manistee National Forest. It’s an incredible sight. Our photograph looks south at the summit of that hill on Michigan 37. If one were to be traveling north, there are two lanes going up that hill and in your rearview mirror you could still observe that sandy trail snaking its way through the forest.

Last year I had a business conference in Traverse City and chose to drive up taking M-37 out of Grand Rapids. The roughly ninety mile drive was all forest from that point on. On the way home, I was able to stop and take this photograph of the snake like road in the distance all of sand.

I’ve always loved the summit where you can see for miles through the Manistee National Forest. In this picture you can barely make out that sandy road but it is there. This is about sixteen miles from Big Bass Lake.