Has Parallel Parking Come to Ludington- For Boats?

Can you imagine performing parallel parking in a boat? And does this mean that aquatic meter maids will be going around checking improperly parked boats? I think parallel parking is difficult enough in a car, but a boat? Have you ever backed up a small boat especially to fit into a tight parking place? I wonder if Ludington has in mind parking meters for this new thing happening in their town?

It does sound like another good source of revenue. And does it matter what size boat takes place in this new endeavor? My family owns a canoe and a kayak along with a rowboat so I don’t think we would qualify for those parking spots. I would be ever so nervous trying to park one of those boats especially when I would have to back in to fit into a required space!

On paper, and on photographs, this looks rather good but in reality, I think I’d rather park in a marina where the difficulty is less nerve wracking.

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