Tomorrow another summer will be ending at Lake Michigan and the fall season is on our doorstep. Originally our family was to make a move to Indiana at this time but Mike has been able to secure his job here so the move will not be necessary. For most of the summer, we had that vague feeling of losing what we had all these years. Now that will not prove to be necessary and Mike and I will soon see another summer drawn upon us.

This is the road leading to the Hamlin Dam on M-116 and the do not jump sign is due to the very shallow water here as the Big Sauble River is about to meet Lake Michigan about fifty yards away.

Looking west from this bridge, this is what your eyes would be taking in. Many people like to wade in these waters as they are much warmer to your legs and feet than what awaits you a few yards further west. This is one of my favorite areas to visit. Seagulls often dot this landscape and it just seems so peaceful,

At ground level, coming off that bridge, this is what you would see. It is here where I like to wade and exploe. Usually Mike is off somewhere jogging nearby but I like to wade until the weather just won’t allow it. I am looking forward to this autumn and will have more pictures in the days and weeks to come.