Not that long ago, a man died when he was swept off the Ludington breakwater in high surf and one would think that might have served as an ample warning to those that try such stupid things. Apparently not as people are still “braving” high surf as if were all some sort of thrill seeking game!   Our site has posted dozens of picutres about how stormy Lake Michigan can get.  There are a couple of pictures we have on site here that show boats even being thrown up on this breakwater so how can people think they can withstand these heavy waves?

Once you’re swept over the breakwater you find yourself in heavy surf and if there’s no one close enough to you, your fate is death.  Especially at this time of year when Lake Michigan begins dropping its temperatures.  Maybe I should have just rephrased my title saying that thrill seekers ARE stupid.  Yet some of these people even bring their children along with them. 

I enjoy watching the surf crash upon the breakwater BUT FROM SHORE!  My life is too valuable for me to risk it like that.  But then some people are wise and then there are those that are “otherwise”.