I live near Scottville, Michigan, near the western boundry of the Manistee National Forest. In all, among private lands and public, the acreage of this forest is 510,187 acres! That amounts to 844 square miles! It’s southermost boundry is near Newaygo, Michigan, and it extends to the very shores of Lake Michigan itself.

It also extends nearly all the way to Traverse City on the north and Michigan Highway 37 cuts right through the heart of the forest from south to north. The word Manistee means “Spirit of the Woods“.

I personally like hiking any part of the forest along US 10 from Scottville to Baldwin. And that goes for all seasons too as there is always something to do and see in this national forest. Try fishing some of the great rivers within the forest or attempt to canoe them. After all there are 844 squares miles to enjoy!