Miles of Dunes

One thing I enjoy about the Ludington area is that on one side of M-116 there is Lake Michigan with miles of swimming beach and on the other side there are miles of sand dunes to explore. My friend Ben and I enjoy hiking the dunes at least once a week in the summer time. Hikes in the fall are even better as the sand doesn’t tend to be as hot. I always take a compass with me because it would be quite easy to get lost in this area.

There are literally hundeds of dunes along M-116 on the east side and there are dips and turns that are fun to explore. These days there are also some bears that one might run into so be careful out there.

Ben likes to get photographs off the big dunes and then paste them all over his den. I like to put them on here instead for all to enjoy. At Ben’s place he and his dog Porky are the only ones to enjoy his dune experiences. Ben actually owns a dune buggy and he uses it on the dunes farther north.

Some day soon I plan to go to Silver Lake, Michigan, with him and use that o’le buggy of his and see what that’s like. I will have my insurance updated by then too just in case. In Michigan one never runs out of dune country to explore.

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