The Road Along Loon Lake

This is the road that runs north and south along the full length of Loon Lake and this view is looking south.  In the distance, the road goes either east or west.  To the east is the Sauble Lakes chain while to the west the road takes you to Alice and Seaman Lakes.  There is a resort on Seaman Lake complete with a swimming pool.

Not far to the north on this road was the old Loon Lake Roller Rink  This short road makes a lot of twists and turns en route to a hill that precedes the Big Bass Lake Store and the Na-Tah-Ka Bar and Grill.  Now the much newer Na-Tah-Ka Corner Store can be found in that location as the Big Bass Lake store closed long ago. 

This road to the north was always the entry port to Big Bass Lake either when I was a youngster coming to our farm with my parents or on countless Boys Clubs of America trips to our property in the 1970’s.  This was the last leg of any trip for the boys from Marion, Columbus, or Hoffman Estates and marked the peak of their enthusiasm after a long journey was about to end.  Thus, this brief road holds a lot of good memories for me,

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