Best Window Washer Ever

You’ve gotta give Lake Michigan a lot of credit as it really knows how to get windows really clean. Can you imagine if all the houses in the area could get this kind of effort in cleaning their windows? I’ve often wondered how many people visit this lighthouse and get a bath at the same time?

More to the point, how many are washed off that breakwater and right into Lake Michigan? The lighthouse is a good quarter of a mile out into the lake from shore. I’ve seen ferry boats emerge out of thick fog that is so thick you can’t even see the shore. Those boats almost appear like sea monsters breaking through that fog.

I don’t go out to the lighthouse in high seas as I am smarter than that. Even so, even on calmer days, Lake Michigan does have the tendency to still whip up an occassional wave that can soak you on that breakwater. Try it sometime.

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