Camping Meals with the Marion Boys Club

Some of my fondest memories of my boys club camping trips revolved around meal times. After the fire crew filled the firepit with woods the cooks for that meal took over. On one trip with the Marion Boys Club, Andrew Freshwater had teamed up with Keith Hansel to prepare the meal which was trail pak macaroni and cheese.

After getting water from Big Bass Lake they heated up their kettle with water and then added the trail pak mix. Andrew was the chief stir person that day and as the mixture got hotter it thickened making stirring a tad harder. He then set that portion of the meal aside to cool a might while Keith stired up the Kool Aid mixture for the meal adding water purification tablets to it since that water would not be boiled.

Diced ham was then added to the macaroni and cheese making a great meal. Conversations during meal times were great. The kids talked about the activities of that day and what was about to happen once darkness set in. On this particular night we were going to head for the Bloody Antler Trail and the boys were excited about that.

Often after meal times the kids would retreat to the tents for a brief rest or some would engage in off shore fishing. Others would hang around the campfire for talk as the clean up crew took over to get the dishes washed in the barrel provided for that purpose. Meals were always fun as good talk mixed with great food.

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