As one travels about Big Bass Lake by either row or paddle boat, if you hear a honking behind you, don’t necessarily assume that a speedboat is behind you. It may be some geese who are desiring the right of way. Or maybe even a few loons. No, I’m not referring to those loonies that may be manning a speed boat, because there are more than their fair share of those out on the lake, but the bird loons.

If you really want to appreciate the birds that inhabit Big Bass Lake, you may want to confine your time to before Memorial or after Labor Day to get the full impact. Most of the wise birds avoid Big Bass Lake in “prime time” if they want to keep their feathers intact. During that prime time there are other birds of a different feather out sailing around the lake.

So bird watchers, get those eyes focused and your ears tuned to hear the real music of Big Bass Lake that doesn’t sound like the churn of a motor. You won’t be sorry!