Noreika Road

This is the junction point of Noreika Road with North Big Bass Lake Road. It separates our fields from the forest at this point. Noreika Road is probably just over a mile in length as it exits out again onto West Big Bass Lake Road right next to the public landing. I understand that it is now called different things but initially it was named after my grandparents who settled that area (Page- Big Bass Lake History).

It was largely a sandy path until it approached our barnyard at which point the trail began as grass until it reached our cottage and then the road was more gravel in nature. Now there seems to be a road leading down to our wooded beach as well.

I understand that the State of Michigan still considers that stretch of road, Noreika Road.

The second picture is a view fairly close to our wooded beach cutoff from Noreika Road. Here is where the greenery is the only thing that stands between the road and the lake. I was taking some of the boys club kids on a hike down our sandy road enroute to the old logging trail. The boys enjoyed watching Big Bass Lake as we hiked as they were following the progress of a speedboat towing two skiers.

The road was a good way to get to and from our family cottage or just about anywhere on the property with the exception of the north border. Lost Lake, the blackberry bushes, the path down to the wooded beach, the old logging trail, and the pathway through the electrical lines all had open access from Noreika Road.

Big Bass Lake was the chief attraction, though, for the kids of the boys club. They used it to swim in, fish, boat, and even bathe in. All else was just icing on the cake.

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