For those kids that attended Camp Martin Johnson, these precious steps were the ones that led down to Big Bass Lake and the waterfront. How many feet over the era of that camp took those stairs is anyone’s guess? I have to wonder who took those steps for the last time down to the lake?

Presently the old camp is a housing area for new homes and few remnants of the old camp remain. One has to wonder if those steps remain at camp now? Yes, the land that was used for the camp was only used at certain times of the year as opposed to everyday usage for the new homes there but something was lost when CMJ disappeared from the scene. Memories of friendships that have been forged forever is one thing that remains to this very day. And, memories of the camp held in one’s mind as well as at Big Bass Lake and Beyond are another that can be revisted again and again.

Do any ex-campers or staff have memories of these steps?