Downtown Scottville Shopping

I ran into a friend while shopping for some knitting material in downtown Scottville and she handed me some history of our small community that I thought I would share with you this day.

Scottville is located on the Pere Marquette River in western Mason County at the junction of northbound US-31 and US-10. This city is known for its famous clown band, which plays at events in many cities every year. Scottville’s economy is supported by agriculture and tourism. The Pere Marquette River runs through city park on the south side of town, a good place for camping, canoing and summer fun, including the Annual Rubber Ducky race in July. That race, to my husband, is a blot on the community, but I dearly love it.

Scottville’s recorded history began in 1874 when the town was mapped as a station on the Pere Marquette Railroad. It was first called Mason Center because of its location in the county. Later, it was renamed Sweetland, after James Sweetland, who built a sawmill here in 1878. Sweetland sold the mill a year later to Hiram Scott. Scott officially platted the land in 1882 and named it after himself. It was incorporated as a village in 1889 and as a city in 1907.

Now you know a little more about my home town.

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